Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are an enjoyable and enhancing element of landscaping. They provide interest, color, shade and texture. They’re also unique plant materials that require special care in order to insure their health and prolong their life. Whether flowering, fruit or more simple greenery, each tree and shrub has special needs to flourish. If they aren’t properly cared for, they can also become hazards to your family and your home. Forsyth lawn care knows the best season, technique and care for all your trees and shrubs. Call us at 770.889.0954 to schedule a health evaluation of your trees and shrubs.

Health Evaluation

A Forsyth lawn care specialist will meet your at your home or business to conduct an evaluation of the health and special needs of your trees and shrubs and can make customized recommendations to make sure your trees are safe, healthy and vibrant.


Sometimes due to weather, disease or pest infestation, trees and shrubs must be removed. Tree removal can be quick and safe when conducted by trained professionals, but can be dangerous if attempted by nonprofessionals or homeowners. Don’t try this yourself – call the experts at Forsyth lawn care.

Maintenance and Management

Forsyth lawn care is qualified to provide all your tree and shrub maintenance and management needs. We offer fertilization, pest control, trimming, and rejuvenation and winter pruning to encourage healthy, strong trees that are safe and vibrant.


Forsyth lawn care can also install trees of all shapes and sizes – whether new plantings or to replace other landscape elements or trees. Call us for landscape design and installation services including trees and shrubs.