Inviting, Safe, and Healthy

Your lawn and outdoor spaces are where your family, friends and pets gather to enjoy the outdoors. Make those spaces inviting, safe and healthy with Forsyth lawn care services.

We can develop and implement a landscape design for your home – and help you keep it beautiful and functional with our range of services.

We’re not your average lawn care company.

Forsyth has 30 years of pest control experience and we are specially certified and licensed in the areas of chemical pest control and fertilization*. That means, unlike some companies that can offer only pest control services or only fertilization and weed prevention, we can offer our customers a full-service experience with a specially-formulated, low-toxicity compound application that provides maximum fertilization and weed control for your lawn as well as control for common outdoor pests such as fleas, ticks and ants. It’s one quick treatment for one low price from one trusted company.

Skip the hassle and expense of multiple companies for the services you need to keep your lawn inviting, safe and healthy, call 770-889-0954 for all your lawn care needs.

Landscape Installation

Forsyth’s experts in lawn-care and landscaping are prepared to develop and execute a landscape installation especially for you. From understated and sophisticated to over-the-top and lush, we are qualified to design and implement the outdoor space of your dreams.

Lawn Care Maintenance

Forsyth has a team at the ready to get your lawn in tip-top shape – and keep it there – with regularly-scheduled mowing, trimming, edging, weed-eating and other maintenance.

Weed Control and Fertilization

Get a more lush and healthy lawn with our full-service weed control and fertilization services. We utilize low-toxicity compounds so our treatments are both effective and safe for you, your family and your pets. The applications are quick and easy and can be uniquely-formulated to address your specific weed control and fertilization needs. It’s also easy to add pest and fungus control to this application.

Disease and Insect Control

Ants, fleas, ticks and other common yard pests can cut the outdoor fun short. Make your lawn a safe place that isn’t overrun by pests with our low-toxicity applications for pest control. It’s a safe and effective way to take care of pests so you can take care of your lawn and those who use it. It’s also easy to add weed control and fertilization to this application.

Aeration and Over-seeding

Aeration and over-seeding are critical steps to keeping your lawn lush and healthy. Hot, dry summers and changing seasons make it complicated for a healthy lawn to grown unaided, but Forsyth landscaping offers aeration and over-seeding services to ensure your lawn stays healthy, lush and full from season to season, year to year.

Seasonal Flower Program

Make your lawn the best looking in the neighborhood with Forsyth’s seasonal flower program. Consultation and installation of seasonal landscaping is included with this service.

Seasonal Clean-Up

As the seasons change, so too do our plants and lawns. Forsyth offers a special seasonal clean-up designed to prepare your lawn, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers to flourish with the specific care they need. From trimming and corrective pruning to winter pruning and rejuvenation, our specialists know the correct time and technique to ensure a long and healthy life for your trees and shrubs.